Our vision is to be a catalyst in bringing sustainable change to the lives of underprivileged children, youth, and women in remote areas and slums across different states of India. We strive to create a lifecycle approach to development and work towards empowering them with the necessary resources to lead a better life.





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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Adhikaar funded?

Contributions from individuals formed a major source of funding for us in our initial period and as we grew in strength, corporate & charitable institutions showed their belief in us by funding our organization.

How are fund's utilized?

Each centre of Adhikaar has a separate annual budget which is approved by its Board and adhered to very religiously. The funds collected form a common pool and are allocated to different centers as per their budget. Detailed budgeting helps us in accounting for every rupee spent and also to use our limited resources most effectively.

I want to make some contribution. What is the minimum amount that I am required to pay? Can I pay monthly? How do I pay?

It’s up to you completely! There is no minimum amount. You can also pay any amount monthly or quarterly or at any other period as per your convenience. However if you want to know what amount can help a child in a significant way or if you want to donate for something specific and are keen to know about the donation options, please click on the “Donate” Tab of the Main Menu or Contact Us and we shall be pleased to connect with you and share our requirements at that point in time. Remember, even small contributions do help. A small amount by many like you, adds up to a sizeable amount, so don’t hesitate. Act now.

Will I get a tax exemption certificate?

This is still work in progress as we are a new organization. We are under the process of 80G certification.


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